Nothing brings more self - awareness than an intense full body movement. The pain grounds you and forces you to examine exactly why you are doing what you are doing. You're acutely aware of your limits, and the importance of reaching them, but not overstepping too much. You realize that discomfort at the moment means progress along the way. It is good for you. It makes you wonder what else you're capable of when you step out of your cozy comfort zone and trust yourself with new thoughts, ideas, actions. It makes you question mindless routines, value your time, see harmful patterns and dissolve them, build new habits with purpose and awareness. And even when you're dead on your feet, you've never felt more alive. Our bodies were made to be lived in. They are awesome as they are, right now, and yet here is always room for improvement, and the tools to change your life at any moment are in your hands. Isn't it awesome?

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