Making Way for New Year & New Me!

This was a kick in the ass for me ... Clean house! Gee, where do I start? And that was two weeks ago...

Reporting progress as of today. In the last two weeks, I packed up clothes and shoes and in-line skates I haven't used for over a year and put them in a Caritas container. The very little space this freed in my bookshelves-acting-as-wardrobe showed me how many clothes I own, and how much I need an actual wardrobe with doors ... to organize and hide our clothes. Also, 3/4 of our shelves are filled with my clothes. My man has, like 3,5 shelf. Gotta do something about it. Like get the actual wardrobe, one with more shelves. Hello Ikea!
I brought out ALL the "recycle-stuff" like paper, plastic bottles, metal cans, etc. We keep filling the boxes until they are overflowing and then one of us can't stand the sight anymore and organizes a trip to the containers and for a while it looks nice again... So I pay more attention to that now and take stuff with me when I'm leaving house anyway.
Broken electrical appliances. There are stations where I can bring them to be recycled. I've known that for 5 years. So I went the next step. The opening dates and times are in my calendar already. Now just to get off my butt and walk there. Scheduled for next week.
Tons of magazines and cut-outs and papers with notes on them... go through them and throw out everything I don't love. Donate to a doctor for her/his waiting room maybe, I saw that idea somewhere and liked it!
Unfinished projects. Finish them. Then put away all the "ingredients" needed. My stuff exploded all over our workroom, it's everywhere. It's the 3/4 principle again. I gotta finish that costume. Finish the dance journal, and start the new one. Write the letters and send them. Sew the bag for the drum. And the pants. And the overskirts. Hang the pictures and the pinboard.
Stand up from the computer every 45 minutes and clean the apartment in small doses. I can't put in four hours of cleaning. I used to do that for good money. Noone can make me do it for free. And I can't afford to pay someone yet.

Cleanse magically. I can't wait to do that! Because it will mean the apartment is clean physically. Somehow I can't do it when I know there is still junk to go, and floors to mop and shelves to reorganize. Makes me feel like a hypocrite.

Time well spent. I love my life right now and love it more every day. I earn my living doing something amazing, beautiful and fun, I can study, I am surrounded with books, I live in a time when knowledge and information is incredibly easy to access and I can be anything I want to be! I have amazing friends, the best boyfriend ever, loving family, two cute fluffy cats, I live in my favorite city in an apartment I wanted. I wish to spend my time being even more aware and more thankful for all this. Like, duh, clean my apartment... Read my books. Dance more. See my friends more. Learn more. There is one thing I should do less, guess what? Computering. Is it a made-up word? Yeah, so what. Staring at the screen, reading blogs about people doing interesting stuff instead of doing my own interesting stuff. DO. That's my word for 2012. I will spend my time well, and DO more.
I went for a walk today, dragged my man and his sister out too. It was windy as hell, and cold.... it was beautiful, rarely sunny, and the wind was playing with the fallen leaves, making them fly like torn-up butterflies... I found a key on the ground, I wonder what it unlocks.

I don't have a big rock weighing me down, more like many smaller rocks and I am buried under them, bruised and barely able to move. Debt. This year will be dedicated to eliminating these rocks. One after the other. I'm looking forward to seeing the last rock disappear.

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