For a Year and a Day

So, in tune with latest random occurrences telling me to get my magic on, to finally put to work the thousands of pages I've read in the past 14 years, to decide what path I'll follow and then walking it ... there comes this wonderful challenge from a wonderful blogger I recently discovered , and hell I would've been on board two days ago, if blogger would be so kind and work on fridays...
Now the sparkly button is up, the pledge is done. Here I am, getting up and starting on a path, and I believe this experiment will help me discover just what path it is. The mirror and the map of the walk will be this blog, sometimes in different languages, sometimes in cryptic words and pictures, you know, like usually.

For a Year and a Day, starting kind of now, and officially when I light the candles and whisper my intentions to the longest night of the year, I'll be getting up and DOING STUFF. Just to see if I can, if I should, if I'm able to pull this through. All last year leads me to believe and trust that I can and should, that I actually have to. See you along the road,  fellow travelers! 

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Deborah Castellano 18/12/11 16:55  

Your English is terrific! All languages welcome :) Welcome to the challenge!